When teaching is inspirational, that is, teachers love what they do and understand the subject inside and out as well as having a good understanding of the students learning approaches, remarkable learning can be achieved. Both teaching and learning the research finds go hand in hand.

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Teachers who engage the students in a way that inspires them to learn, both the teachers and the students benefit from the experience. When a teacher understands what he or she is doing, realizes the value of the experience, and loves likes it, hardly anything that can hinder the process will prevail. Not that there aren’t situations and circumstances that may interfere with the process, but when the elements of meaning, love, value, and engagement are present teaching and learning can be a wonderful thrill.

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Well, that being said, we have the dulling effects of board policy, safety regimes, collective agreements, teacher preparation and the changing demographics of students the bring singular and collective challenges to the mix. Even now, with the fallout of unrest in the Middle East and the displacement of school age children, the art of teaching becomes more challenging. That can often be a bridge too far for teachers and students. Teachers need to be supported in ways that we did not anticipate and perhaps did not budget for. Here is where true leadership is tested.



Empowering our Students to Achieve Their Best

Access to technology affords children the opportunity to soar. It allows them to dream of what a future of education that is far beyond what was conceived and anticipated many years ago.

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How children learn is constantly changing and students today need more opportunities to work differently as their learning skills dictate. They need to be able to use every learning technique and tactic; to collaborate and exchange ideas on an array of subjects and topics. They need to communicate and demonstrate flexibility in the ways they look at and solve problems in order to discover and bring out their best results.

The difference between goal setting and promise keeping needs to be explored. While there is still much talk and setting goals, short term and longer, we cannot escape the fact, that, as situations change, goals will change accordingly. In the end what was originally anticipated may not be viable weeks or months later.

Let us take, for example two people getting married. When the vows are made, what would happen if one of the individuals were to say to the other, “my goal is to stay with you as long as we both shall live”. How would the other person take that. We could say that the marriage may end right there. Could you imagine setting a goal to stay together? That is why, when the question of staying together until death parts them, the answer is usually, “I will”. It’s a promise and promises are made to be kept.


Children need to not only be educated in goal setting but also in promise keeping. They need to know that their word must be ironclad reliable. How about that for a chance in education!


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Many parents have observed situations with their children or those of other people that they knew to be out of the ordinary and for which they had no explanation. While it is normal for some children to forget things, act in ways that are unbecoming and inappropriate, or appear overly restless, hyperactivity and acute inattention are a cause for concern. They signal a problem that requires the help of professionals promptly and intensely.

Children who show little to no control over their ability to sit quietly for extended periods of time, or who appear not to follow instructions at school or at home, or who speak out of turn or inappropriately are often described as lacking discipline, rude, or troublemakers.

Such children are likely to be suffering from either attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). Each of these disorders is a very common and recognized behaviour difficulty that is showing up more frequently in homes and classrooms.

How this situation is dealt with can determine how a child learns, lives, and develops academically, socially, and takes on the circumstances of everyday experiences and interactions. Early diagnosis of the problem is critical to mitigating its effects and finding ways to cope with or control it.

Information about this problem is becoming more available. Ten to twenty years ago, how this problem was dealt with was very questionable as knowledge was scarce and adequate treatment virtually unknown.

More and more, parents and teachers and children themselves are become more aware of the symptoms of ADD and ADHD and more speedily attention is being paid to providing supports to help deal with the problem. In addition, schools are providing training for teachers to work effectively with students and to develop the social environments suitable for academic success.

Like everything else, funds are being made available to support research and development to discover the causes of ADD and ADHD and available treatments for affected individuals and ways for their siblings and parents to cope.

It is believed that well over a third of every classroom may have students that suffer from attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactive disorder. It must be realized that this disease stems from functions or dysfunctions within the brain. Sufferers are not in total control of what is happening to them. In fact, they are acting and reacting to messages from the brain just as everyone else is reacting to messages from the brain. The difference here is that the brain may be operating differently in the case of an individual with ADD or ADHD.

Parents and teachers can help by first recognising that there is a problem and that it needs to be addressed quickly and effectively.

  • Support the affected individual with the assurance that problem can be addressed
  • Show patience and understanding
  • Allow for space and opportunity for affected individuals move around and to attempt a variety of activities
  • Monitor diets; limit sugary and carbonated foods
  • Work closely with school officials to share information and move in the same direction
  • Seek out others with similar situations to share knowledge and find solutions

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