Just Another Day?

Today is Sunday. It is calmer than yesterday but activities go on as well they should. What difference is made by naming a 24 hour period from another. In the universe everything goes on as naturally as ordered by the divine creator. The sun sits in its place and the planets, those that we know and those that we do not know continue to go around the sun in the fashion and order or disorder that nature prescribes. Here on earth, more precisely, in North America, we grapple with what is described as senseless carnage to often occurring in our schools, cutting short and wasting the potentials of many children.

Then there is the siren song of “our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving families” a sentiment that has begun to ring very hollow; very empty — like the barrel that general Kelly talked about.

The sad default of mental illness to describe planned and determined destruction of innocent lives in places that are deemed to be safe. We begin to realize that no place is safe and no number of armed individuals have so far hindered the carnage that marks the places where children of different ages and cultures and hues meet to prepare themselves for a chaotic world.

It’s puzzling that weapons of mass destruction are easily obtained in places that boast of safety; places that are thought to be the best and most humane. Yet, no other place on earth has had this kind of destruction.

When will we awake to the senselessness of those with the authority to bring about change but who continually refuse to do so. Instead, they set the state for more of the same– more of the same (here’s the word again) carnage. These men and women who are in seats of authority who permit this destruction will reap what they so callously sow. But, there is time to make a change. Will they make that change or will they go back to the proverbial hat to pull out the rabbit of “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims”. What would they say, if they were the victims? I wonder, what would they say?


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Abolishing Harmful Discrimination

With the move to provide bathroom facilities that support the sensitivities of all its students, school boards are demonstrating an understanding of the complexities of the human soul. The fact that this is happening now is a testament to the liberating ideas of men and women who see the need to bring all human beings under the protection of social acceptance.

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For too long we have allowed beliefs of various sorts to push us along a path that caused discomfort and at times unbearable physical and mental anguish for many fellow human beings. A lack of understanding human behaviour; why some people are they way they are, can no longer be a reason to push anyone beyond the acceptable bounds of social acceptance.


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It is not just a matter of acceptance or tolerance. After all, acceptance and tolerance of others clearly suggest the notion that George Orwell talked about so long ago; some pigs are more equal than other pigs. Well, that is not so and it is refreshing to know that actions have been taken to dispel that archaic notion of even one human being that is different from what many feel is acceptable.

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As colleges, universities, and other institutions bravely move to bring about justice, let people everywhere join the movement to abolish the toxins that feed harmful discrimination of every kind.