A Time of Excitement

The day is finally arriving for the launch of my book which many who have pre-ordered copies have found to be a book for our current time and for the youths and budding entrepreneurs that plan to take their places in the world of business.

This book is a success blueprint.It shows how the power of the mind can change bad situations into wonderful outcomes. The power to change and become what you are destined to be is explored and shown in a way that is understood by ordinary people. To read this book and do the things contained in it is to discover a path to wealth creation and freedom.

I will join with success greats as Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and Raymond Aaron. The event is dubbed: Mastery of Greatness. The information for the event is as follows:

Friday, April 13 – Sunday, Apr 15, 2018


Fri, Apr 13, 2018, 8:30 AM –

Sun, Apr 15, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT

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Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Toronto Airport

6257 Airport Road

Mississauga, ON L4V 1E4

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Comments about this book suggest that this book should be in the hands of middle and high school students. It is my goal to have as many teenagers and young adults read this success blue print.

So, get your copy and get one for anther person who would surely benefit from the information contained in it.

I look forward to seeming you there.

Book signing with be held at various times throughout the three day event.

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Can We Learn From Finland’s Education?

Since the 1970s, Finland has taken a serious approach to educate students, and today, that country still enjoys top ratings. What Finland did was to have highly competent teachers, foster early childhood education, allow schools the autonomy to address local needs by decentralizing administration, and guaranteed a uniform and free education for all students. What has been found is Finnish students score higher than most of their peers on international assessment tests, although they do not have much homework and tests. In addition to the core curriculum, much emphasis is places on music, the arts, and outdoor activities.

This is information that may be of interest to us ad we discuss our educational priorities going forward.

I am interested in your thoughts.


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Tell Your Boys That You Love Them

“Always be thankful for what you have and tell your loved ones that you love them every single day because you can never predict when your life you’ve always known can be taken away from you”.

These were the words of a man after being released from prison. He was tried and found guilty for a crime that he did not commit. At age 19, his life was suddenly changed when he was picked from a lineup as the person who had committed the crime under investigation. I could only imagine, how his parents felt to know that their son, their teenage son, their promise, would no longer be able to pursue the dreams that he had.

This might be a good time, to get you son or sons and express to them how much you love them and how much you support them. Because the odds are so much against them, the work to preserve them must be greater. The hedge of protection must be thicker and higher to prevent the dangers that lurk along their path.

I cannot imagine losing my son for something that he did, much more for something that he did not do. Yet, that is the reality of tens of thousands of teenage boys in many North American cities.

It’s time to stem this storm. Time to end this cycle so that our boys can have a chance at growing into their God- ordained destiny. It is rare for a child to survive the rigours of life on his own. It is tough to see that in a land of so much that so little is happening to ensure that all boys are given the care and attention they need to grow up and make a positive contribution to the world. We sent people to the moon. We go into the outer reaches of space. Attempts are underway to visit other planets. We build machines to simplify and speed up production of various kinds. But, we neglect members of our human family. We categorize and attach grotesque labels to groups for selfish and other nefarious reasons.

It may take more time for the unmasking of our true selves so that we can face up to the disturbing results of our selfishness and account for the damage done to our children. It is our duty to love, defend, protect, and provide for the best future our children can have. Since we cannot predict the future, and they cannot grow without us, let us, at least, be there to show them our love. So, tell them; tell them often that you love them and that you are proud of them. You are proud of all of them; everything about them — mistakes and all. Know that the greatest gift that you can give to your boys is your love.

Here’s some homework for you: Acknowledge and celebrate your children, especially your boys. Surprise them with something they love.

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Your Boys Hear What They See


Have you noticed that what you do is so loud that it overpowers what you say? It’s similar to the proverbial saying: “what you do is more powerful than what you say”. Children in general and boys in particular notice the power in our actions over than the sound in our words. When you tell a boy not to do something that you, yourself do, the boy does not hear anything you say as his eyes are fixed on your actions. That being the case, our boys are more likely to imitate us rather than to listen to us.

If you can agree with my earlier discussion, can you see yourself in your boy’s behaviours? Is it really true then: “Like father, like son”. What do you say if your son does exactly what you do? You should correct him quickly and unequivocally. But is that all you will do? Will you also make a decision to change the way you act, especially when he is in your presence? If you are tardy, would you be offended by your boy’s tardiness? If you do not help in the home, will you scold your boy for not helping with chores? Every bit that we do to help our boys will produce huge rewards. So, I say, let’s show them how we want them to act rather than constantly telling them. Let them be able to say, “I see you” rather than “I hear you”.

I see you

Does your boy see you taking time to read books? Does he see you taking time to be with him, and depending on his age, does he notice that his dad leaves everything to play with him? Many times, our boys don’t need too many things from us as much as they need our time. If you work hard for your children; leaving home before they wake in the morning and coming back home after they have gone to bed, do you think that your children will love you more for that than they would if you were physically with them? Although your children need you to bring home the bacon and to ensure that a roof is over their heads and clothes on their backs, they would happily accept less food, less clothes and a leaky roof if their dad is physically with them.

So, here’s the deal. Spend time talking to your children, especially your boy(s). Find out all you can about their lives. Teach them what they need to know or others will and you may not like what they learn from others. Decide to show your children how to do something, rather than telling them how to do it. A Chinese proverb speaks to this approach:

I hear, and I forget; I see, and I remember; I do, and I understand.

Spend time reading with your boy — that way, he may come to like reading (stop telling him to “go to read”. Read with him — you a paragraph and he the other paragraph< and so on). Go bicycle riding with him, go to the park with him, and take him to work with you (never mind it’s a low paying job — as long as it’s legal). Your boy will become what he sees in his parents, especially his dad.

Knowing what you now know, how will you change the way you deal with your boy(s)? A good time to make a change for yourself, your boy, your community, and the world.

Until next time, let’s make a positive change for life.

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Our Boys — Born For Greatness!

In the previous blog, I discussed the importance of listening. I referred to listening as the secret weapon. If you remembered, I talked about the fact that we have two ears and one tongue signifying that we need to listen twice as much as we speak. Just something that can be a good guide for many of us talkers.

Our boys want us to listen to them. If nothing else, as long as we can give them a listening ear, we can help them overcome a huge portion of the challenges they face and give them some hope of gaining ground and beating the odds. I am a firm believer in the probability of our boys getting past the barriers that forestall their destiny.

Just think about the contribution many boys who have been caught up in the penal system, wasting their lives away; boys that could have well found the cure for many diseases that continue to plague our human existence. We will never know what is lost in so many lives that fall into the catchment of the penal system. We will never know! But what we do know, is that, hope lies in the lives of those who are free. We can do the work that is required to set them on the pathway to success. That’s what we must do. No other option can be tolerated.

So, it’s time for school and your boy tells you that he does not want to go to school today. Have you ever had that situation happen to you? When your boy says that to you, what do you do? Do you insist that he pull himself together and journey on to school? Do you shame him for not wanting to go to school? Or, do you stop what you’re doing as you realize that there is a problem that needs your immediate attention?

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The Secret Weapon of Listening

I heard that the reason that we have two ears and one tongue is that we are required to listen twice as much as we speak. Yet, how often do we tend to talk over the other person in a conversation? The thing is, when we are talking, our listening diminishes and worse still, our understanding of what is being said by the other person is lost. So, we can take part in a long conversation and understand very little of it. Now, consider this scenario with your boy who is telling you something. You see, what the boy may say might not seem very important to you, but, to him, it is of the uttermost importance. When we talk over our boys or dismiss what they have to say, we crush them. That’s why many boys do not talk.

boy and parent

Because the odds are so much against our boys, they are often in search of someone who will give them a listening ear and for the most part, finding that someone is often a futile adventure. It is in the home that a boy first tries to find someone who would listen and when he is unable to find such a person, it is a tremendously discouraging reality that he faces. For, seldom, will he find someone outside the home that will provide the comfort, assurance, love, interest, and candor that he needs to share his heart. Any boy who is in this dilemma of loneliness will suppress his feelings; the questions that he has will increase and dealing with life will become something beyond his capability. To understand this is to understand the reason for a boy’s irrationality, anger, frustration, unwillingness to comply with authority, and many other defaulting actions.

I realized from a very early age that I seemed to have an affinity to listen to the plight of other people. And over the years, in my field as an educator, I purposed to be a support for those who could easily be misunderstood or left to the wiles of the lack of knowledge. I truly believe, that, without knowledge, there could be much danger. Hence, I purposely devoted myself to use the secret weapon of listening. I used this as a teacher and as an administrator. I discovered that people often do not want you to solve their problem. Rather, they often would like you to listen to what they have to say. It is as if all they want to do is to get what is bothering them off their proverbial chest. So, a good strategy to adopt may be to listen more and talk less.


As a principal of a school in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, one of my secretaries asked me how it was that angry parents who came to see me about a school issue left my office smiling. This secretary had seen other principals who had difficulty with other parents and it was puzzling to her that I was able to order peace to stormy situations. The solution was not in anything that I said. The solution was my ears; I listened to them. As a matter of fact, many parents told of that observation: Mr. E. you listen to us. To me, listening was key and I never hesitated to use the key. Furthermore, I was very skillful in pulling down barriers between parents and me. As a rule, I would not sit in my big chair, behind my big desk as thought I was some big person; someone who lauded it over them. I purposely sat in a chair next to them and began my conversation by telling them that I wanted to listen to what they had to say. In the end, the conversation will end amicably and parents often left with the sense that they were heard.

Listening is the secret weapon that can get to the root of many problems, especially those problems that boys have. I firmly believe that many boys do not talk to parents because they do not see them as confidants. They often see them as judges and correctional officers. Boys have question, they have struggles, and the odds are against them. We cannot afford to increase the odds by not giving them our ears. They want to be heard, so, when they speak, you must not speak; you must listen.

That’s all for today, until next time.

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Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You

We all agree, that, a picture is worth a thousand words. As an educator, I believe that “show me” is more powerful than “tell me”.With that in mind, let me ask you a question.

Do you remember this?


That’s a phone.

Recently, I asked a 7-year-old if she knew what a rotary phone was. The kid thought for a moment and gave me the cutest of answers. She said, “you mean, a phone that you can’t text with!” I laughed heartily at the reality of the world that the child knew that was so different from the one that I knew.

Of course, the phone that the 7-year-old knew is one of these.


Well, we are all familiar with our paper currency (in actuality, the currency is not made from paper, but from cloth). And you know how that currency continues to be devalued.

The world is moving away from its use of Fiat currency to cryptocurrency. The world – the entire world is moving toward the use of cryptocurrency. You are in the world, so don’t ignore the reality of the change in time.

You cannot afford not to learn all you can about Bitcoin, Ilcoin, or the other forms of cryptocurrency. You need to learn as much as you can, right now, to make intelligent choices for the sake of your future. Don’t say, I did not tell you so!

Call or send me an email (alevans07@gmail.com) and find out how you can position your future investments around the future currency. For you, it may be now or the bit regret.

Imagine that one Bitcoin can cost as much as 2 – 5 million dollars in the not too distant future. It’s not what I am saying, but what the experts are saying. So, there you have it. Now, it’s your move. You can do nothing or you can take action. I suggest you do the latter.


Your move!