A Time For Teaching

This month, Black History month, is a time for teaching. It’s a time set apart, as we know, to celebrate, to reflect, to honour, and to move into destiny. Every part of the story that was hidden, suppressed, or deliberately left out of the collection of books about the life and work of the first creation must be told to the descendants.

Whatever the original intention, the life and work of Black people cannot be destroyed; no, it cannot be forgotten. It cannot be forgotten, for much of life reflects the genius of this people. Much of life moved forward because of their discoveries and entrepreneurship.

It  is important to tell the descendants of the first people of their strategic place in life, for that is the key to their emancipation from the continued work of those who are bent on keeping them less than who they are. They need to know the greatness of their capacities and the innate ability to do the things that move creation forward.

Our boys must be reminded of how smart they are. They must be reminded of the accomplishments of those that have gone before them, those who are still here and they must be given opportunities to put forth their ideas into the areas of developing and constructing solutions and cures for the bold challenges of our time. It will take the genius of our people to replicate and initiate solutions that the future demands.

Look at a child’s face as it lights up with the knowledge that he is smart, and great, and able! So, tell them just that, because they really are. Find the positive things that they need to hear and tell them daily; in the morning, at noontime and in the evening. Saturate their minds with the information that will awaken their genius and in the end, our world will be better for it. Take this time for teaching seriously and teach our children the greatness of their history, their present, and their future.


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You are the Person

What impact do those words have on you? To know that you are the person that your son is looking up to; depending u upon to tell and to show the way forward. What an awesome responsibility and weight that is for you. Something that cannot be taken lightly. Those eyes that pierce through everything to look up to you and to no one else but you.


Do you get too busy about the things that you do, such that you do not have time enough to give to the needs 9 not wants) of your boy? If he indeed is looking up to you, how deadly is it, if he is not getting anything from you? What is he to do? Should he find information elsewhere and if he does will you get on his case? Will that be justified?

Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. Better to build than to repair. As well, it may cost less in the long run. Less, stress, less pain, less dark days, less sleepless nights, less worry, I can go on and on. But, you get it.

While they are boys, the job before us is simpler than what it would be in adulthood. I can still hear the words of my mother, words spoken very long ago, “you can bend a tree when it is young”. True, isn’t it! Can you see the futility of trying to do with a fully grown plant what you could have done when it was little? It’s the same way with our little boys. We must do what we ought to do now. Any time later is very risky.


More than anyone else, boys long to have conversations with their dads. Too often, dads are unaware of the power of their presence in the lives of their boys. But, let’s be real, what you can give to your son, no one else can. What a difference it would make in your family if you up your game of being a father to your son? How better at school will he be? What a better human being would he become and what a greater contribution can he give to the world.

Dads, what will be, is in your control. Don’t let it slip. Those eyes are looking up to you and learning from you every day.

See you tomorrow!

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The Art of Financial Investing

The First Principle in Successful Investing is: Don’t lose money.

If you have a difficult time paying off your debt, putting aside money in a saving’s account, or investing on your own, you are not alone. More people than you know face these challenges. Some of them never escape them and only a small number found the investment information that transformed their thinking and put them on a path to investing with success.

The best investors in the world use strategies to invest with certainty. Investors like Charlie Monger, Warren Buffett, and Benjamin Graham. These men and others who have emulated their approach have mastered the strategies to successful investing which they strongly believe can be done by most people. For these men, investing is not a guessing game; it is not akin to gambling – making a trade and praying that it turns out right. Nor do they spread out their investment funds among several stocks hoping that some would bring a profit.


When Buffet says never lose money, what exactly is he saying? Is he saying that none of the stock that he purchases never saw a loss? Is he saying that he has a failsafe formula that he applies to his stock purchases that protects his investments from all adverse downturns? To understand what Buffett means, one must understand how Buffett does investing.

Unlike many investors, Buffett sees an investment as getting a piece of a business and its cash potential for future years. He begins by focusing on what could go wrong with a stock. What is the risk that the business could fail and that he could lose all of his capital. If there is a chance that the company of interest might fail, Buffett will not invest in that company. There is no guessing as to what will happen. The power of knowledge guides his decision and hence the idea of “never lose money”. How does this differ from your ideas of investing?


One of my newest mentors and financial tutors is Phil Town. Phil is investor who has a good grasp of Buffett’s notion of “never lose money”. His entire concept of investing is grounding in that idea which he teaches to students across the US and Canada, as far as I know. I am one of his students. Phil believes that investing should not be an exercise that ties you to a computer for the most part of the waking day. In fact, he believes that it should not require more than 15 minutes a week to be a successful investor. Phil demonstrates how this is not only and idea but a proven fact that is rooted in solid information.

th (1)

Anyone who wishes to retire comfortably, with, say $500,000, need to begin to think about what it would take to do so. In actuality, $500,000 is not a lot of money in today’s expensive world. I am not saying this to scare anyone or to pour cold water on the desire to invest successfully. If anything, my hope is to push you to understand the glaring myths that have for many years dominated the various investment areas, dispel them once and for all and provide a vehicle of knowledge, sufficient and appropriate for you to invest on your own and not continue to allow those who do not know what they are doing to take your money away from you.

Let me begin right here and suggest that, contrary to what many investment professionals say, investing in bonds that barely keep pace with inflation is not investing wisely. Such investments will offer no real path to building wealth and securing a healthy retirement. Second: if you give some thought and research to mutual funds, you will discover that mutual funds are a real scam. Third: you do not have to be an expert to manage money. Fourth: you can beat the market and Fifth: the best way to minimize risk is not to diversify. As a matter of fact, the notion of diversifying clearly shows a fearsome lack of confidence in what you do.

th (2).jpg

For the last century or so, the notion of investing without losing money has been the hallmark of successful investors. Good investors buy a piece or a slice of a business that has a good value and waits for the market to move in a way that allows that business to bring a great price. One of the critical elements in good investing is the ability to wait – not watch. No one can cause something to happen in the market by looking at a computer monitor.

th (3)

To invest successfully is to invest with certainty. This requires that you know the business, and its potential for future cash flow and that it will not fail. If a business will not fail, what stops you from purchasing that business? That’s what it is in a nutshell. When it is clear that the business will not fail, the next step is to buy the business at an attractive price, usually 50% of its worth. It is what Warren Buffett describes as buying dollar bills for 50 cents or as Phil Town usually says,

buying $10 bills for $5.

Investing in a way that benefits you therefore, is to invest in businesses at an attractive price to generate consistent future cash flow. It requires the following:

-Know how to analyze a business
-Know when a business is on sale for a good price and when to but it.
-Which investors you should study and emulate?
-What should be in an inflation proof portfolio?
-How to make market risk powerless
-How to create a retirement portfolio free of worry and fear.


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Albert A. Evans

Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You

We all agree, that, a picture is worth a thousand words. As an educator, I believe that “show me” is more powerful than “tell me”.With that in mind, let me ask you a question.

Do you remember this?


That’s a phone.

Recently, I asked a 7-year-old if she knew what a rotary phone was. The kid thought for a moment and gave me the cutest of answers. She said, “you mean, a phone that you can’t text with!” I laughed heartily at the reality of the world that the child knew that was so different from the one that I knew.

Of course, the phone that the 7-year-old knew is one of these.


Well, we are all familiar with our paper currency (in actuality, the currency is not made from paper, but from cloth). And you know how that currency continues to be devalued.

The world is moving away from its use of Fiat currency to cryptocurrency. The world – the entire world is moving toward the use of cryptocurrency. You are in the world, so don’t ignore the reality of the change in time.

You cannot afford not to learn all you can about Bitcoin, Ilcoin, or the other forms of cryptocurrency. You need to learn as much as you can, right now, to make intelligent choices for the sake of your future. Don’t say, I did not tell you so!

Call or send me an email (alevans07@gmail.com) and find out how you can position your future investments around the future currency. For you, it may be now or the bit regret.

Imagine that one Bitcoin can cost as much as 2 – 5 million dollars in the not too distant future. It’s not what I am saying, but what the experts are saying. So, there you have it. Now, it’s your move. You can do nothing or you can take action. I suggest you do the latter.


Your move!