Best Strategies for Raising Teenage Boys

Best Strategies for Raising Teenage Boys Cont’d

4. Set rules, boundaries and consequences
To encourage discipline in your teenage boy, you
need to set some rules and lay down boundaries that he should not cross. There
should also be consequences if the child fails to stick to those
regulations. Keep in mind that rules
should exist not to give you reasons for punishment, but instead, to encourage
good behavior. With each regulation and boundary, set consequences that the
child will face.

Avoid creating ultimatums as the child may see this
from a negative angle and encourage him to be rebellious. The rules should also
be short and precise. There should be an immediate consequence that accompanies
those rules. Try to explain to your teen that the rules are for his own good
and let him know about the benefits that he could enjoy if he follows them. You
should also be reasonable and exercise some flexibility when setting up the
rules. Your child may take days before he can completely familiarize himself
with some of the regulations. When it comes to consequences, don’t subject them to
endless lectures or hurl a barrage of abuses to him. You may end up hurting his
ego and make him more stubborn.

5. Pay attention to the positives
Don’t be that parent who just stays alert waiting
for the teenager to do something sinister. You should also focus on the good
things that he is doing. Has he managed to follow your rules? Is he performing
well at school? If he is an athlete, has he won some trophies? The little good
things that you see in your child and the encouragement you give him goes a
long way in boosting his confidence levels and discipline.

6. Be a good example
Teenagers are good learners. They secretly observe
how other people are living, then pick up some essential tips. The learning
process starts right at home. Regardless of what you tell them, all will be futile
if you leave a life that is opposite to what you say. So, don’t just teach them
by your numerous lectures, but instead let your actions speak.
It would be ironic to teach your child about the
dangers of alcohol yet you are an alcoholic. How you interact with your spouse
or other people will tell the teenager something. Are you always abusive? Do you treat them with respect? Try to be a good role model and your teenage son will follow suit.

Most parents find it challenging to raise teenage
boys. However, it is something that you can do even if you are a single parent.
Just use the strategies mentioned above, and you will be able to raise a young,
responsible, and disciplined teenage boy.

That’s all for now, until next time.

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