Best Strategies for Raising Teenage Boys

Best Strategies for Raising Teenage Boys

Teenage is the most challenging phase of life, both
for the teenager and the parents. As a parent, you may not be anticipating the
drastic changes, and hence you may be surprised by how your kid is behaving.
Your previously charming and easy-going kid may start giving you one-answer
statements that will leave you bewildered. Some may begin objecting to obvious
facts. Your previously humble and respectful child could also begin to refuse
running some errands. If you find yourself in such a situation, what should you

The way you raise your teenager will have an impact
on their future. That is why you need to handle this stage more carefully or
end up losing your beloved child to the world. Here are some of the best strategies for raising teenage boys in this generation.

1. Show
your love

Despite the changes in the physical and mental
aspects, teenagers are emotional beings. Any negative energy can wreck their
emotions and drive them overboard. As a parent, this is the best time to show
love for your child. Be keen to listen
to what he says and what he feels. Don’t
assume that the child is already aware of your love for him.

Every parent agrees that this may be easier said
than done. This is because, during this stage, boys tend to think that they can
be independent and live on their own. He will want to maintain a wide gap
between you, and even resist any attempts that you make to bond with him.

On your side, don’t give up as he will remain to be
your child no matter what. Go ahead and create time to bond with him. Being
close to each other can help you connect with the teenager and understand what
he is going through.

showing love doesn’t mean that you should let your kid do whatever he wants
even if it’s wrong. You can still discipline the kid while showing some
compassion. Point out his mistakes without hurting his emotions or self-esteem.
Criticize his bad behavior instead of his personality.

2. Have
reasonable expectations

Teenage boys tend to live with the hope of meeting
the expectations of their parents. As a parent, you can set feasible
expectations that your kids should live up to. Encourage them to focus on
achieving those goals, but don’t pile too much pressure on them.

The little strides and achievements that kids make
in life can affect their confidence. Do not put too much pressure on the
results but rather, encourage them to put more effort in whatever they are
doing to achieve their results. Once they meet the goals that you had set for
them, they will feel more motivated to handle the upcoming tasks even if they
are difficult.

If the teen fails to meet your expectations, don’t
be mad or react in a way that will hurt him. Encourage him to add extra effort
as he prepares for the next tasks.

3. Be calm

As already mentioned, teenagers are quite emotional
and they may be driven by emotions when engaging with you. When you fail to
agree on some issues at home, your adolescent boy may engage you in shouting
match, and you may tend to react in the same way or even become violent. When you
find yourself in such a situation, try to exercise some restraint. Calm down
and talk to him soberly and respectfully. In doing so, your kid will also lower
his emotions and listen to you keenly.

To be continued…
That’s all for now, until next time.

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