How is Your Boy to Know What to Do?

Just thought I should pass on this piece of advice.

Is your boy a talker or is he shy? Shy boys can get into much difficulty before you can know it. The fact that a boy is shy is not the best thing for him. It is good if you know what he is thinking, so , you should talk to him as is appropriate. Long intervals between conversations may prove dangerous. It may be at one of those times that he needs to know what to do about a situation that he is facing. But, because he does not talk willingly or at all, he may end up deciding on a bad approach to a challenge.

If it seems that he does not want you to be about his business, use your wisdom to back off or stay the course. You have to be constantly evaluating and come up with judgement.  You don’t want that the moment you back away is the moment that he needed your advice most. It’s like touch and go. Use your best judgment.

Find out who your boy’s friends are and suggest that they visit him at home. Of course, this has to be agreed upon by his friend’s parents. But it’s important that you know some of the people who are in his circle.

Until next time. Stay the course. Your boy needs you more than you think. Be there for him.

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