You are the Person

What impact do those words have on you? To know that you are the person that your son is looking up to; depending u upon to tell and to show the way forward. What an awesome responsibility and weight that is for you. Something that cannot be taken lightly. Those eyes that pierce through everything to look up to you and to no one else but you.


Do you get too busy about the things that you do, such that you do not have time enough to give to the needs 9 not wants) of your boy? If he indeed is looking up to you, how deadly is it, if he is not getting anything from you? What is he to do? Should he find information elsewhere and if he does will you get on his case? Will that be justified?

Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. Better to build than to repair. As well, it may cost less in the long run. Less, stress, less pain, less dark days, less sleepless nights, less worry, I can go on and on. But, you get it.

While they are boys, the job before us is simpler than what it would be in adulthood. I can still hear the words of my mother, words spoken very long ago, “you can bend a tree when it is young”. True, isn’t it! Can you see the futility of trying to do with a fully grown plant what you could have done when it was little? It’s the same way with our little boys. We must do what we ought to do now. Any time later is very risky.


More than anyone else, boys long to have conversations with their dads. Too often, dads are unaware of the power of their presence in the lives of their boys. But, let’s be real, what you can give to your son, no one else can. What a difference it would make in your family if you up your game of being a father to your son? How better at school will he be? What a better human being would he become and what a greater contribution can he give to the world.

Dads, what will be, is in your control. Don’t let it slip. Those eyes are looking up to you and learning from you every day.

See you tomorrow!

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