All Boys Need is Love

There is not a more beautiful four letter word and yet “love” is often the missing link in a good and meaningful relationship that people need especially our boys. I have never understood why it seems that boys are caught in a web where the potential for trouble or mistreatment is at every turn.

I recently spent some time with my grandchildren in Florida. As is always the case, I take time to do what I know best; I teach them. The idea behind it all is to give them an edge at school, knowing what I know about schools. One day we focused on nursery rhymes and the one that I found interesting mentioned that “girls are made of spice and all things nice” and that “boys are made of snips and snails and puppy-dogs tails”. As a boy, I was puzzled by the nice things that are usually said about girls and the mean shake that boys receive. And that has gone on to this day.

As one reflects on this, does it not appear that boys seem to have challenges from as early as they can remember? And as they move away from the safety of home into the broader society, they are thrust into situations that require skills in problem solving and other among other techniques. Whereas, girls are made of nice things, boys are made of not so nice things. Boys are therefore expected to deal with situations, many of which may well beyond their capability.

In a world that may not care about your boy, what can you give to him that will remind him that he is a treasure; a person of value? What can they take into the rough and tumble of life that allows them to show forth dignity and uprightness? What do they need that will ensure hope and a fighting chance against all odds? All our boys need is love.

If and when we understand the power of love, we will embark on a key element to their successful future. It is indeed true the “love conquers all”. It is also true that love never fails. If that is the case, why not send your boy out tomorrow with a blanket of love surrounding him? How would you feel to know that your boys is mindful of the fact that if he is not loved by his friends or the people outside of his home, that he can be confident that there is a place called home where he can find the key to life — love.

I once had a website that spoke to my unshakable belief in the power of love. It was called: “”. That site is no longer mine, but the notion behind was that to teach kids, on had to love them.

I am reminded of a hit song by the Beatles entitled “All You Need is Love”, particularly the opening lyrics. The song went like this:

Love, love, love
Love, love, love
Love, love, love

Do it today!

Think about it and after you thought about it a while, apply it. Give your boy(s) love each and every day and watch them shine.

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