We Can Make Diseases Disappear

I just listened to a fascinating talk given by Dr Rangan Chatterjee who argued very passionately on his ability to make diseases disappear. He actually said, “I can make diseases disappear”.


As a trained medical doctor, Dr. Chatterjee and his family was on vacation in France when he experienced the distress of his little son who was virtually near death. The little boy had stopped breathing. The doctor and his wife rushed their little son to the nearest hospital and the doctors there did not know what to do with the lifeless little child.

He was this father and doctor, filled with guilt as he did not know how to save his little son. That guilt Dr. Chatterjee said has stayed with him to this day. His son had a lack of vitamin D that caused him to stop breathing. But, it was that guilt that pushed him to begin to read and and t find out all he could about the importance of vitamin D.

As he read, the doctor explained, he found out a lot of things about diseases and how they are treated. What was enlightening to him is that he discovered how much emphasis is placed on the symptoms of diseases (actually managing them), rather than on the root causes of the diseases.

Dr. Chatterjee explained with the help of a diagram, that diseases are often diagnosed at a level when they are at a chronic stage and treated as much as to manage them from becoming worse. What should be done instead is to figure out what caused that disease and then treat the root condition which can result in a certain cure.  It requires on to go back to the optimal health stage and trace the onset of the disease. It makes a lot of sense and the question is: Why aren’t doctors taking this common sense approach to medicine.

Diseases have many root causes. There is no one antibiotic that can be used for many or all diseases. Yet, how often are patients prescribed similar antibiotics? I’m sure there is much that can be discusses about this topic, but not at this time. It was frightening to note that a lot of diseases are rooted in deprivation of various kinds and the common problems of stress or sleep deprivation. It is now understood that one night of sleep deprivation can give as much insulin resistance as 6 months of consuming junk food.


The next time you visit your doctor be sure to listen for his thoughts about the root cause of your ailment and not simply the diagnosis and treatment. Both of you need to consider what caused the disease and begin the treatment there to arrive at a cure  that makes the disease disappear.


The work of Dr. Dale Bredesen is complementary to this .


Authored: Albert Evans.

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