The Future Will Be Bright

There is a new school of Computer Science and Engineering that came out of the University of Washington’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering. The story is an interesting one. It shows how unimaginative some people are when faced with the determined will of others to get things done.

engineering 3


Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, was concerned about the science and engineering students of the future. How will students learn about the inevitable skills of life that were surely coming upon them in the world of computer science and engineering? For the most part, schools continue to teach as they did twenty or even thirty years ago. Very few seem to realize the need to sharpen the proverbial saw and come to terms with the changing world of science and technology.


There is a need for a shift in our approach to the education of our children if they are to keep up with much of the world that has seen the need to focus on science and engineering. North American students cannot afford to be left behind. The future will be bright only if we grasp the moment and move with urgency to educate our children to be first among those who conquer the frontier of science and engineering.


This is a great time for young people to assert their position in the world and become the best in the field of science — especially female students.

Author and educator: Albert A. Evans

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