Ten years after your child has been schooled in the district where you live, have you wondered about your child’s progress if you had the choice of a school? For many parents, there is no doubt that they would prefer having school choice rather than having to send their children to schools where they had concerns about what goes on in a typical day of their children’s school life. As things go wrong in any enterprise, so do many things go wrong in many of our schools. What can be done about this concern and what are parents doing about it, is the big question?


In 2003, the Washington Post set out to uncover what parents and teachers thought about schools in the Washington, District of Columbia area. The Post wanted to compare how parents felt about their area schools and how their statements aligned or conflicted with those of the teachers. In its February issue, the paper asked its readers which factors they considered were most important in selecting a good school.


The first factor is a GUT CHECK. How you feel about the school irrespective of all that is said about the school is significant. In the case of a High School, a child’s input is important.

Second, a conversation with, THE PERSON IN CHARGE must form part of the decision making. Know the education philosophy, experience and plans for the overall goals of the school. If there is a problem with access, this raises a red flag.

See the other factors in future postings on the topic: Top 10 Factors of a Good School.



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