All students do not have similar ways of learning just like all trees do not grow at the same rate. Take the Chinese bamboo tree, for example. This is a plant that grows very differently from most other plants. In its first four years, there appears to be no growth whatsoever. Then, in year 5 the tree begins to grow at a fast rate, that in a matter of five weeks, it can grow to a height of 90 feet. It is said that one can visibly see the tree moving upward into the air.

At the time that the bamboo tree appears not to be growing above the ground, rapid growth is taking place below the surface. Although It cannot be seen intense growth is happening and in the root system of the bamboo that causes the tree to be one of the sturdiest of all trees.

When teaching children, it is important to understand that they do not all learn in similar ways. Some learn quickly which is quite visible to everyone. Others learn differently. Could it be that they are assessing and evaluation information which they would use later on as their unique process of learning shoots them forward. The lesson in the bamboo tree provides wonderful instruction to all of us in the work of educating our children.


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