Among the reasons that show why some students do not succeed academically, one reason may be rooted in a basic understanding of a fundamental approach to instruction. Often, when there is a problem with anything, a search for a solution is sought in places where it does not exist. In the case of students and learning, it is important that to help children succeed, the focus cannot be on the material to be covered so much so as it should be on the students.

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Although it is important to be knowledgeable about the material to be taught and teachers having the needed skills to deliver the material in the various approaches to teaching, if the appropriate focus of teaching is missed, the expected outcomes of learning will not take place. In the first instance, teachers must focus on the students. When the focus is on the students, teaching and learning will take on greater significance for both the teacher and the student. As if by virtue of such an nontraditional approach, what would otherwise not come to the fore, will emerge and will be of help to the student and to the way instruction is provided.

As long as the teacher is well versed in the knowledge of the material; it’s clearly understood, it is an area that the teacher loves to teach, it is backed by several supportive examples to amplify understanding for the various learning patterns of the students, and it is information that relates to the lives of the children and that will add to their human experience, the chance of success will be more likely than less likely. With all of the foregoing, the critical piece of focusing on the children cannot be left to chance.


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