The third factor to consider in looking for a good school is the teachers. Find out the percentages of new and inexperienced teachers and the older and more experienced teachers. This can give insight into the quality of teaching that is provided to students. The other aspects surrounding teachers is the absentee rate. Ask the principal of the school to tell you if teachers are often absent or at least how often are they absent.

When teachers are absent, it sets of a situation where occasional teachers (supply teachers) are brought in primarily to monitor and manage student behaviour. Now, I know that saying this will not go over well with principals or teachers, but, it is a fact.  A supply teacher may not know the subject matter that the regular teacher should be delivering to the students. It is unfortunate but nonetheless true. I am not blaming anyone but simply stating facts.


If teachers are often absent, it may be cause for behaviour issues and in the end poor performance in several subject areas. This is a factor that cannot be ignored are apportion very little weight, for the simple fact, that, good instruction is critical to acceptable student performance.

The fourth factor to consider is test scores. In Ontario schools that would be EQAO test scores. For your information, EQAO stands for Education Quality Accountability Office. This is a government agency that looks at the quality of education in Ontario schools. The Q in EQAO is therefore significant. The government and school boards can allocate resources to areas of educational needs as they are identified in student performance through the test results.

There is a continuing debate over the importance and significance of standardized assessments. The fact is that testing is a way of knowing what students know, what they don’t know, and what can be done to sure up areas of lack. It may not be the perfect measure, but, it is one of several measures used to provide critical information regarding student performance.

Come back for continued postings of: Top 10 Factors of a Good School.




Ten years after your child has been schooled in the district where you live, have you wondered about your child’s progress if you had the choice of a school? For many parents, there is no doubt that they would prefer having school choice rather than having to send their children to schools where they had concerns about what goes on in a typical day of their children’s school life. As things go wrong in any enterprise, so do many things go wrong in many of our schools. What can be done about this concern and what are parents doing about it, is the big question?


In 2003, the Washington Post set out to uncover what parents and teachers thought about schools in the Washington, District of Columbia area. The Post wanted to compare how parents felt about their area schools and how their statements aligned or conflicted with those of the teachers. In its February issue, the paper asked its readers which factors they considered were most important in selecting a good school.


The first factor is a GUT CHECK. How you feel about the school irrespective of all that is said about the school is significant. In the case of a High School, a child’s input is important.

Second, a conversation with, THE PERSON IN CHARGE must form part of the decision making. Know the education philosophy, experience and plans for the overall goals of the school. If there is a problem with access, this raises a red flag.

See the other factors in future postings on the topic: Top 10 Factors of a Good School.




All students do not have similar ways of learning just like all trees do not grow at the same rate. Take the Chinese bamboo tree, for example. This is a plant that grows very differently from most other plants. In its first four years, there appears to be no growth whatsoever. Then, in year 5 the tree begins to grow at a fast rate, that in a matter of five weeks, it can grow to a height of 90 feet. It is said that one can visibly see the tree moving upward into the air.

At the time that the bamboo tree appears not to be growing above the ground, rapid growth is taking place below the surface. Although It cannot be seen intense growth is happening and in the root system of the bamboo that causes the tree to be one of the sturdiest of all trees.

When teaching children, it is important to understand that they do not all learn in similar ways. Some learn quickly which is quite visible to everyone. Others learn differently. Could it be that they are assessing and evaluation information which they would use later on as their unique process of learning shoots them forward. The lesson in the bamboo tree provides wonderful instruction to all of us in the work of educating our children.

Abolishing Harmful Discrimination

With the move to provide bathroom facilities that support the sensitivities of all its students, school boards are demonstrating an understanding of the complexities of the human soul. The fact that this is happening now is a testament to the liberating ideas of men and women who see the need to bring all human beings under the protection of social acceptance.

Image result for harmful discrimination

For too long we have allowed beliefs of various sorts to push us along a path that caused discomfort and at times unbearable physical and mental anguish for many fellow human beings. A lack of understanding human behaviour; why some people are they way they are, can no longer be a reason to push anyone beyond the acceptable bounds of social acceptance.


Image result for harmful discrimination

It is not just a matter of acceptance or tolerance. After all, acceptance and tolerance of others clearly suggest the notion that George Orwell talked about so long ago; some pigs are more equal than other pigs. Well, that is not so and it is refreshing to know that actions have been taken to dispel that archaic notion of even one human being that is different from what many feel is acceptable.

Image result for harmful discrimination

As colleges, universities, and other institutions bravely move to bring about justice, let people everywhere join the movement to abolish the toxins that feed harmful discrimination of every kind.

How Healthy are You?

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Among the reasons that show why some students do not succeed academically, one reason may be rooted in a basic understanding of a fundamental approach to instruction. Often, when there is a problem with anything, a search for a solution is sought in places where it does not exist. In the case of students and learning, it is important that to help children succeed, the focus cannot be on the material to be covered so much so as it should be on the students.

Image result for teachers to focus on students more

Although it is important to be knowledgeable about the material to be taught and teachers having the needed skills to deliver the material in the various approaches to teaching, if the appropriate focus of teaching is missed, the expected outcomes of learning will not take place. In the first instance, teachers must focus on the students. When the focus is on the students, teaching and learning will take on greater significance for both the teacher and the student. As if by virtue of such an nontraditional approach, what would otherwise not come to the fore, will emerge and will be of help to the student and to the way instruction is provided.

As long as the teacher is well versed in the knowledge of the material; it’s clearly understood, it is an area that the teacher loves to teach, it is backed by several supportive examples to amplify understanding for the various learning patterns of the students, and it is information that relates to the lives of the children and that will add to their human experience, the chance of success will be more likely than less likely. With all of the foregoing, the critical piece of focusing on the children cannot be left to chance.

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