That is the big question being asked after the number of recent fatalities ranging from student suicide, to shooting and stabbing attack across the country. Parents send their children to school not knowing if all will be well with them, a thing that was not a concern twenty years ago. But, today, one can expect a call from school authorities and the feeling in the first instance is that something terrible must have happened for a call to be made. That is not a good thing at all.

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In the U.S. the idea of school safety has led school authorities to look at social media and as a way of monitoring students in an attempt to add an additional layer of safety to the already long list of things in place to ensure student safety.

In May of 2015, Orange County Public Schools began a program called Snaptrends to see whether it was a suitable safety tool that could be added to the county’s school safety plan.  The program cost the county US$14,000.00 for a one year trial and at the end of the year, Shari Bobinski, the Board spokesperson said that the program had saved at least one child’s life, who was threatening to commit suicide.


Could social media be a tool that Ontario school boards may consider as another layer in the protection and safety of students?


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