When teaching is inspirational, that is, teachers love what they do and understand the subject inside and out as well as having a good understanding of the students learning approaches, remarkable learning can be achieved. Both teaching and learning the research finds go hand in hand.

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Teachers who engage the students in a way that inspires them to learn, both the teachers and the students benefit from the experience. When a teacher understands what he or she is doing, realizes the value of the experience, and loves likes it, hardly anything that can hinder the process will prevail. Not that there aren’t situations and circumstances that may interfere with the process, but when the elements of meaning, love, value, and engagement are present teaching and learning can be a wonderful thrill.

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Well, that being said, we have the dulling effects of board policy, safety regimes, collective agreements, teacher preparation and the changing demographics of students the bring singular and collective challenges to the mix. Even now, with the fallout of unrest in the Middle East and the displacement of school age children, the art of teaching becomes more challenging. That can often be a bridge too far for teachers and students. Teachers need to be supported in ways that we did not anticipate and perhaps did not budget for. Here is where true leadership is tested.



Online Ed. From Yorkville U

If you do not have the money or the time to study full time, opportunities await you to further your education and career in settings that do not require your physical presence. Long gone are the days when you had to travel long distances and sit in walled classrooms to work towards college or university credits. Today, any such endeavour can be achieved from the comfort of your home or whatever place you find comfortable for you to study and produce assignments. Almost anywhere can be your classroom and you can acquire an education that is just as solid as when it required you to sit with other students before a live professor or teacher.

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Yorkville University, located in Fredericton, New Brunswick is taking advantage of this new approach to education. Recognizing the paucity of money and time that many students exhibit, this learning institution is meeting students where they are and is providing as good an education as can be obtained anywhere.

The university describes itself as non-denominational, specializing in online university degree programs. Some of the degrees that are offered include, Master of Counseling and Master of Education.

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Empowering our Students to Achieve Their Best

Access to technology affords children the opportunity to soar. It allows them to dream of what a future of education that is far beyond what was conceived and anticipated many years ago.

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How children learn is constantly changing and students today need more opportunities to work differently as their learning skills dictate. They need to be able to use every learning technique and tactic; to collaborate and exchange ideas on an array of subjects and topics. They need to communicate and demonstrate flexibility in the ways they look at and solve problems in order to discover and bring out their best results.

The difference between goal setting and promise keeping needs to be explored. While there is still much talk and setting goals, short term and longer, we cannot escape the fact, that, as situations change, goals will change accordingly. In the end what was originally anticipated may not be viable weeks or months later.

Let us take, for example two people getting married. When the vows are made, what would happen if one of the individuals were to say to the other, “my goal is to stay with you as long as we both shall live”. How would the other person take that. We could say that the marriage may end right there. Could you imagine setting a goal to stay together? That is why, when the question of staying together until death parts them, the answer is usually, “I will”. It’s a promise and promises are made to be kept.


Children need to not only be educated in goal setting but also in promise keeping. They need to know that their word must be ironclad reliable. How about that for a chance in education!




That is the big question being asked after the number of recent fatalities ranging from student suicide, to shooting and stabbing attack across the country. Parents send their children to school not knowing if all will be well with them, a thing that was not a concern twenty years ago. But, today, one can expect a call from school authorities and the feeling in the first instance is that something terrible must have happened for a call to be made. That is not a good thing at all.

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In the U.S. the idea of school safety has led school authorities to look at social media and as a way of monitoring students in an attempt to add an additional layer of safety to the already long list of things in place to ensure student safety.

In May of 2015, Orange County Public Schools began a program called Snaptrends to see whether it was a suitable safety tool that could be added to the county’s school safety plan.  The program cost the county US$14,000.00 for a one year trial and at the end of the year, Shari Bobinski, the Board spokesperson said that the program had saved at least one child’s life, who was threatening to commit suicide.


Could social media be a tool that Ontario school boards may consider as another layer in the protection and safety of students?

Deficiencies in Linguistic Acquisition

At this late stage, education researchers are aggressively focusing their attention on finding out why some children and particularly young people – after many years of formal education – do not acquire the language skills at school that would prepare them for success in the world beyond the classroom. They are questioning the education system, individual school, and individual teachers to discover what can be done to support successful language development. Researchers say, it is important to establish the factors that influence linguistic development at school age and beyond.


For my take on this important and critical aspect of education, it is imperative that we get all hands on deck. There needs to be a collaborative effort on the part of all stake holders in education to confront and successfully address the deficiencies in linguistic development in our school age children. There is no reason, that in our modern time, we are that helpless in this very important area of schooling. After all, we have been at it long enough to have sorted out what works for the success of our children.

We know that varying degrees of educational success can be traced in part to factors related to students’ backgrounds. There is ample knowledge that children from socially and economically lacking families are less likely to have a successful educational experience than children from families that have better social and economic experiences. With the doubtless facts before us, the persisting question is this: Why are we doing nothing to change the situation and give the children what they need?