Defeating the Enemy to Your Success: How to Break Through to a Life of Wealth Creation and Freedom

Excerpt from the book. Author: Albert A. Evans: former teacher and school principal. Begin Today – Use the Stern Urgency of Now Your purpose unlocks your passion; your passion unlocks your desire, …

Source: Defeating the Enemy to Your Success: How to Break Through to a Life of Wealth Creation and Freedom


Anyone Can Succeed

Even though it takes a while, you can succeed. Success is not external; success is internal. You succeed from within yourself. Your achievements are the manifestations of your success. Watch this!

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How To Ensure That Your Blog Gets Seen

We know that Blogging is one of the best ways to build a wealth generating campaign that lasts over time. The first thing to consider is your blogging system or platform. If you are blogging with a proven system like Empower Network, you can be assured that you are with a winning platform that will deliver traffic that turns your blogs into a viewing magnets. This is possible because of the high ranking that Google and other search engines have given to Empower Network Blogging System. As it stands, Empower Network is poised to take an enviable position in the world of Internet Marketing and bigger things as still to come. Empire Network can compete with

Who Blogs on Your Chosen Site
Find out the quality of the authors or bloggers that use the site you choose to publish your blogs. What types of subjects do they use and what is the quality of their blogs? Do the bloggers on the site make money? After all this is one of the reasons that you will choose the website. You want to have a huge viewership and you want it to grow. People have a tendency to return to something that is interesting, informative, valuable, and that provides a need.

You also want to avoid sharp competition. Do not fish in a pond where thousands or hundreds of thousands are fishing for the same fish. That competition may be too steep to overcome. Unless you have information that will knock aside what your competition delivers, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Be certain that you can deliver a service or whatever it is that you have to share that is either superior to what is already there, or that is presenting a viewpoint or area that has not as yet been examined or looked at. You don’t simply want to rehash information that is out there. Bring something new or add to what’s there.

What Ranking Google Gives to the Site
This is as easy to establish as taking a look at the number of pages that are indexed in Google’s search results. Simply type an appropriate question in Google’s search or download and install SEOquake toolbar on your internet browser to see the information that comes up about the site. This is an important and must do activity before you decide to put your blog on the site.
You would know if the website is a quality site by the number of pages indexed regarding your question. Be careful to know if pages are blocked by “rel=noindex” tags which is designed to stop Google from indexing. This is a sure sign for you not to place your blog on such a site as your blog will not get indexed and you will not get credit for your hard work.

Does the Website Offer Services?
A good site will have quality content and an excellent marketing strategy. Such a site will most likely have a fairly high ranking by Google. The greater the Page Rank often means that it has a high Google authority. You would want to blog on a site that you find has this characteristic.

Check the website to see if they offer any products or services. Sites that offer services or products tend to have a sizable client base. This means that they can promote their website much more effectively than sites that do not offer product and services. Such sites are known to have marketing tools like email marketing that can give your blog article a greater exposure to viewership.

Defeating the Enemy to Your Success: How to Break Through to a Life of Wealth Creation and Freedom

Excerpt from the book.
Author: Albert A. Evans: former teacher and school principal.

Begin Today – Use the Stern Urgency of Now

Your purpose unlocks your passion; your passion unlocks your desire, discipline, and determination. These are the things that will make a positive difference for you. They do not work only for some people. They are like switches; turn them on and see them work.

There was a time when you dithered over the slightest project; debated for hours over what action to take and still not take any. Your mental set was negative and could only direct you to outcomes that validated negative purposes. The difference between then and now is night and day. There is no question in your mind that the success principle that drenches your mind says to you that there is urgency to your life. Things that can be done today cannot be put off to another day. You understand the stern urgency and power of now.

Whether they are affirmations to charge and recharge your thoughts and emotions or physical activities that sharpen your skills, they must be done today. You were once a person who put things off for some future date, what you know now is that you have today and no other time. The past is gone and the future is ascertain. This is the change that helped to make the difference. You’ve changed, “I’ll get to it” to “I’ll do it right away”. No more do you “wonder if”, you decide and take action and you do it right away.

That is the power and urgency of now. Whatever needs to be done needs to be done now. Be a now person and break through the barrier that stand in your path; the barrier that once held you back. You have the power to move it by taking action now.

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