Type 2 Diabetes in Women A Present Day Health Threat

How Type 2 Diabetes in Women A Present Day Health Threat

The newest group to be fearing the threat of type 2 diabetes is young women in their late twenties and early thirties and according to the ‘Diabetes Defense’, “this condition is growing at a scary rate” although it is a most preventable disease.

What may be surprising about this situation, is that, a person may not be obese or have any noticeable symptoms of the disease. Very “healthy-looking” and the emphasis is on healthy looking, young women have been caught by the element that is responsible for the onset of diabetes — the consumption of too much sugar.

There is much research that shows that fat without carbs and carbs without fat usually do not cause health problems. The problems evolve with the addition of too much sugar. So Carbs and too much sugar and Fats and too much sugar can be dangerous to one’s health. But, why is this? For most people, there is much care taken to limit the amount of sugar used in the morning teas or coffee. So, how is it that there is too much sugar in the body.

It has been proved to come from the processed foods on the shelves of food stores. It is alarming, the amount of sugar found in most processed foods. Here’s what has happened over time. Dr. Lustig, one of the most vocal researchers on this subject has called sugar a toxic poison. This doctor argues that because of the way our bodies break down glucose and fructose, sugar acts like a poison would.

When there is excess fructose in the body, the liver has no choice but to turn the energy into liver fat which which causes a number of diseases among which is diabetes. But one of the problems is the number of things that contain sugar for which there is very little knowledge. For example most processed foods contain sugars; even foods that we do not suspect. Another problem is the labeling that measures sugar in grams instead of in teaspoons. For general information, four grams of sugar equals on teaspoon.

Without knowing it, who would have imagined that in a can of Coke there are 10 teaspoons of sugar and a Healthy Choice microwave chicken dinner would contain five and a half teaspoons of sugar. I was amazed by this fact.

In a study published in the journal of the American Heart Association, the author identified a link between drinking more than one can of Pop or soft drink a day and a heightened risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Evidence Show Type 2 Diabetes in Women A Present Day Health Threat

Here is a list that shows the amount of sugar in many breakfast cereals (per 100 grams)

Be careful what children are fed. The onset of diabetes may begin very early as a result of the breakfasts we give to children.


Cheerios – 1.1 teaspoons of sugar
Corn Flakes – 2.4 teaspoons of sugar
Cocoa Krispies – 9.6 teaspoons of sugar
Froot Loops – 10.6 teaspoons of sugar
Raisin Bran – 7.8 teaspoons of sugar
Frosted Flakes – 8.9 teaspoons of sugar
Honey Smacks – 14 teaspoons of sugar
Rice Krispies – 2.5 teaspoons of sugar
Special K – 3 teaspoons of sugar
Wheaties – 3.8 teaspoons of sugar
Trix – 8 teaspoons of sugar
Lucky Charms – 9 teaspoons of sugar
Rice Chex – 2 teaspoons of sugar
Wheat Chex – 2.6 teaspoons of sugar
Corn Chex – 2.8 teaspoons of sugar
Honey Nut Cheerios – 8.25 teaspoons of sugar
Reese’s Puffs – 8.9 teaspoons of sugar
Golden Grahams – 8.8 teaspoons of sugar
Cocoa Puffs – 9.3 teaspoons of sugar
Cookie Crisp – 8.7 teaspoons of sugar
Shredded Wheat – 0.1 teaspoons of sugar
Cocoa Pebbles – 8.6 teaspoons of sugar
Banana Nut Crunch – 4.7 teaspoons of sugar

Much evidence shows that soft drinks contain a large amount of sugar.


And Lastly:

With high sugar content, chocolate should always be viewed as an occasional treat.

Milk chocolate bar (44g) – 5.75 teaspoons of sugar
Snickers bar (57g) – 7 teaspoons of sugar
Milky Way bar (58g) – 8.5 teaspoons of sugar
Marshmallows (100g) – 14.5 teaspoons of sugar
Caramel piece (10g) – 1.7 teaspoons of sugar
Butterfinger bar (60g) – 6.9 teaspoons of sugar
Dove chocolate bar (37g) – 5 teaspoons of sugar
Starburst packet (45 grams) – 5.5 teaspoons of sugar
Twix bar – 2.75 teaspoons of sugar
M&Ms packet (45 grams) – 5.75 teaspoons of sugar
Boiled sweets bag (100 grams) – 11.5 teaspoons of sugar

How much sugar do chocolates and candy contain?
Chocolate bar


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