Excerpts from Grade 3 — Ontario Updated Curriculum
Human development and Sexual Health — C3.3

“-describe how visible differences
(e.g., skin, hair, and eye colour, facial features, body size and shape, physical aids or different physical abilities, clothing, possessions) and invisible differences (e.g., learning abilities, skills and talents, personal or cultural values and beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, family background, personal preferences, allergies and sensitivities) make each person
unique, and identify ways of showing respect for differences in others [PS, IS]”

[lugipTeacher prompt:

“Sometimes we are different in ways you can see. Sometimes we are different in ways you cannot see – such as how we learn, what we think, and what we are able to do. Give me some examples of things that make each person unique.”

The following is a section in the Grade 3 curriculum for which parental input is woefully lacking.

If you listened carefully to Liz Sandal’s account of the people that collaborated with the contents of this sensitive part of the curriculum, you will notice the clear absence of parental input. Here, information that is problematic to parents in general and to parents with strict objections in particular was included without meaningful challenge.

Both the Minister of Education and the Premier cannot be allowed to jettison the voices of thousands of parents. It is important that we go beyond words to the reality and honesty of those who crafted what our children will be exposed to under the guise of health and physical education. Surely, not everything that exists is suitable for our children to know at just any age, much less at their tender years. So, why were the voices of parents left out and are subsequently ignored?

this twoThere has been a growing push for several years from powerful people in the upper echelons of schools boards to ensure that a particular brand of sensitive information become part of children's knowledge. It was determined to push past anything that would hinder the agenda of ensuring that children accept changes in styles of living in modern society. The preparation for what is scheduled to be unleashed this fall started with school principals, vice principles, and field office staff. All of this was in the works several years ago. Suffice it to say, that this happened without the knowledge of so called interested partners in education or other community groups or leaders.


“We all come from different families. Some students live with two parents. Some live with one parent. Some have two mothers or two fathers. Some live with grand-parents or with caregivers. We may come from different cultures. We also have different talents and abilities and different things that we find difficult to do.”

“How can you be a role model and show respect for differences in other people?”

“I can include others in what I am doing, invite them to join a group, be willing to be a partner with anyone for an activity, and be willing to learn about others.”

No one is saying that there should not be health and sex education. What many want is a voice in deciding the material to be taught.

If indeed, parents are a critical partner in the education of their children, then, they cannot be left out of the discourse simply because they may object to parts of the material. To leave them out is sheer cowardice on the part of the architects of the curriculum document. It is not leadership. It is a direct assault on the voices of parents that is clearly aimed at obfuscation.

Parents understand the agenda of Premier Kathleen Wynne and they will not be confused by the smoke and mirrors that are held up for the public to see.

thzzxzBoth Liz Sandals and Premier Wynne and for that matter all those who are part of the push to force information on the hundreds of thousands of children in the province's public schools that may be cause harm to their physical health and and mental well-being must come clean with their agenda. Parents are not afraid of the truth. Tell the truth!
I dare them!dgghafhm



bngghndnLiz Sandals, Minister of Education, had this to say about the updated Health and Physical Education curriculum: “We are updating the curriculum to ensure the safety and health of our students. Schools and parents both play an essential and complementary role in supporting student learning — including learning about human development and sexual health. We are listening to parents. That is why we are working with education partners to develop a number of resources for parents and educators about the curriculum and about issues impacting today’s children and youth.”

What the minister has said about the reason for updating the Health and Physical Education curriculum may sound harmless if you read past what is clearly implied in her comment and just listen to the words. The minister said a few things that are quite questionable. She said the curriculum was updated to ensure the safety and health of students. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that statement. Looking out for the safety and the health of children (students) sounds like a good thing; a noble thing to do. But, let’s take a look at the Grade 2 curriculum and unpack what those children will be “taught” in the fall of this year.

Now, Grade 2s are 7 year olds. So what will these little children be taught about health. When I taught health to Grade 2 students, we experienced wholesome, fun, and reflective experiences. There were no complex, arduous, or mysterious happenings but simple activities befitting children at this tender age of their life; just fun stuff.

dgghafhmThe newly revised curriculum outlines, overall expectations and specific expectations. The topic divisions and sub-divisions of the curriculum that teachers of Grade 2 health must cover in the period from September 2015 to June 2016 is impossible to achieve. As we go through this discussion, keep in mind that these are 7 year old children that are expected to learn the things contained in the curriculum, which I’ve said will be impossible for even a superhuman teacher to achieve. There is so much here, that it will be impossible for the teachers to learn it much less teach it to 7 year old children who will be thinking about learning through fun activities; activities devoid of stress and other school related dysfunctional stressors that are inevitably brought on by the school system.

Also keep in mind the first thing that Liz Sandals gave as the reason for updating the curriculum around health for these 7 year old students – to ensure the safety and health of students; in other words, to make certain that students are safe in place at school and that their health is not compromised. The apparent focus of learning for this grade is Living Skills. But, here’s a mouthful for you – The Overall Expectations for these students at the end of their Grade 2 experience:

The students will: (”Will” is not a good word choice. What happens if they don’t demonstrate the expectations)?
Demonstrate personal and interpersonal skills and the use of critical and creative thinking processes as they acquired knowledge and skills in connection with the expectations in the Active Living, Movement Competence, and healthy Living strands for this grade.

Expanding on the Overall Expectations, the Specific Expectations include, Living Skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Critical and Creative Thinking, A close look at what is contained in these expectation will reveal a weakness in the expectations overall. Simply put, the expectations are somewhat grandiose and noticeably unachievable. But that seems to be the way that documents are written these days; a whole lot of words as if to make it look impressive, but at the end of the day, what is written cannot be accomplished. I continue to wonder, what is so wrong about being realistic and honest?

thCVXCVBVNBThe personal skills that students will acquire at the end of their Grade 2 experience are as follows:
Use self-awareness and self-monitoring skills to help them understand their strengths and needs, take responsibility for their actions, recognize sources of stress, and monitor their own progress, as they participate in physical activities, develop movement competence, and acquire knowledge and skills related to healthy living.

Movement Competence: after jumping, consider what they did well as they tried to land in a stable position, and what they could do better.
Healthy Living: complete a checklist to monitor their daily care of their teeth.

Use adaptive, management, and coping skills to help them respond to the various challenges they encounter as they participate in physical activities, develop movement competence, and acquire knowledge and skills related to healthy living

Movement Competence: describe the value of experimenting when trying new activities.

Healthy Living: in response to teasing, try different solutions – walking away, telling the
person to stop, telling the person how the teasing makes him/her feel, or getting help.

Of course no learning is complete without putting learning into action. In educational terms it is called “making connections. Under the topic of making connections towards the end of the curriculum is a section on Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours. To be continued in a future posting.

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Put Children at Ease and See them Excel

Most often what inhibits children learning or mastering a concept is neither the difficulty of the concept nor the inability of the children to understand it. What inhibits children is the overwhelming presence of fear; fear of failing; fear of not understanding, general fear ( that which cannot be explained and where there seems to be logical basis for it), or fear of low expectations.

It is a very common practice for a child who consistently achieve below the expectation of so called normal students to be viewed as unable to ever achieve more highly than past experiences have shown. Because of this, such children are usually given work that does not challenge their efforts. Such work may be ignored or may be sloppily done as the child disengages or muddles around in the sheer disgust of the experience.
When a child is consistently give work below his chronological age or that his or her peer are doing, the child automatically turns off. Even if, there is a vague possibility that work is achievable, the very notion that it is below a level of challenge for the age has a detrimental effect.

As often as possible, it is advisable to allow children, particularly those who appear to struggle with grade level work to be challenged. Low expectations are kill hope and the will to try; even to make the slightest attempt to test one’s ability.

Enough evidence exists to change our low expectation paradigms, and allow children to challenge themselves even if we think it unreasonable. Sometime we can be surprised by what the brain can create at a time that we least expect.

We can all learn, given the right circumstances, encouragement, and above all love.
Inspire children to learn, everyday. Put children at ease and see them excel.

A must read book for any teachers who wants to help children succeed is the book by: John Mighton, The End of Ignorance — Multiplying Our Human Potential. John also wrote: The Myth of Ability.

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