Usually when a subject aligns with the norms and values of a community or society, there can be questions raised, concerns aired and debates ensue, but not the kind of social disruption that the newly revised sex ed curriculum has engendered across every facet of people’s lives in the province. When concerned parents and other stake holders in public education are pushed to rally at Queen’s Park in the bitter cold of winter, it signals deep concerns that people hold and demonstrates an active will to stand for what is held dearly.
Before Kathleen Wynne became Premier of Ontario, the questions that surround whether to engage public school students to so-called sex education has been the subject of much debate. The fact that there is fierce opposition against the intentions of the premier and her push for the implementation of the revised curriculum this fall is not a personal matter against the premier’s way of life. Her leap to tar anyone in that way is a lame attempt to silence her critics, and no one should be swayed by her rush to the corner of homophobia.
The premier nor education minister, Liz Sandals, has no right telling parents what is appropriate for their children. There are some areas of life that are the prerogative of parents alone. In their tender years, children must continue to rely on their parents for information and guidance in matters of sexuality and influences beyond the family must be at the behest of the individuals if they are mature and their parents if they are not. If the government is allowed to intrude upon the sanctity of peoples sacred values, not the least of which is sexuality, what next?

The ridiculous reasoning of Liz Sandals for pushing this curriculum is nothing less than catching at the wind: “children experience puberty earlier”, so what! Parents will deal with the subject earlier. But, no one need be fooled by the smoke in the various reasoning given by those who align with the premier the education minister. The curriculum was not revised to deal with the early maturation of children; no way. To think that is to miss the hidden agenda the premier brings to curriculum.
It cannot be that you change a curriculum because kids mature earlier. If that is not the reason, why not ask the premier and Liz Sandals what else do they want children to be aware of and not only children, but the rest of the province? I said it before and I’ll say it again; go beyond the surface and see what is beneath all the smoke.
No one needs to tell Grade 2s about body parts. No teacher needs to show our children how to put on a condom. No teacher needs to spend tax-payers dollars and children’s limited time engaging in snickering sessions about a topic that they are uncomfortable talking about with someone other than a parent. Give me a child and I can successfully educate that child fully and not impinge on the privacy of his or her parents responsibilities. Give a hundred children and I can successfully educate them without impinging on their privacy and that of their parents. Give me a school and I can successfully influence the academic promise without engaging in unnecessary areas of sexuality.

Premier Wynne, What is it you’re really after? Will you tell us?  thzzxz



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