It was in 2010 that the government attempted to bring in a revised edition of sex education to Ontario schools. It was withdrawn after much opposition from faith leaders and the general public. Because of the sensitivity around sexuality in general, it has always met with fear and other concerns.

Now, fifteen years or so later, the Wynne government believes that it has the will and enough support from special interest groups to make the curriculum take effect. Wynne has ensured that a number of prominent groups are lined up behind her to provide the needed support for pushing through the curriculum. She has as much said, that, nothing with stop her in her effort to provide Ontario students with what she believes to be healthy options related to sexuality.

Wynn has often held that the multicultural nature of the schools calls for a broader approach to many practices, sexuality among them and that the narrow focus the defined sexuality in the past cannot be held anymore.

Peel, one of the biggest school boards in the province has long pushed for greater acceptance for the things that the Wynne government is set to put forward in the schools and this spring, teachers will be “trained” or so they believe to deal with salient features of this newly revised sex education curriculum.

It is hard to understand how well prepared teachers will be in the brief exposure the will have to issues of sexuality. People within the medical field spend several years learning and understanding what teachers will be asked to deal with in the face of varying cultural beliefs and practices.

There is no wonder that some teachers have openly spoken about the discomfort that this mandatory assignment has on them and the anticipated backlash that can occur from parents who are dead set on their prerogative to discuss and teach their own children about matters pertaining to sexuality. Many parents feel that their right to parent their children in a way that they deem appropriate has been intruded upon and in some instances taken away from them

There are some matters that schools should not and must not meddle in and discussions of sexuality seem to be one of them. The discomforts that have arisen over the last 15 years are cause enough for further discussions. It will serve the purposes of all involved to hasten slowly; withdraw the new curriculum and enter into all-inclusive discussions not just a few special interest groups.



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