With the new Ontario Curriculum in place, it is now mandatory for teachers to instruct children in the area of sexual education. How much each teacher knows about the appropriateness of the topic is still unclear. Some teachers seem eager to engage students in topics relating to sexual interests while a growing number of teachers would rather not touch the subject.

Beginning in 2000, the Region of Peel and Peel District School Board came together to discuss a program to deal with sexuality among the regions students. Superintendents and administrators met to discuss and identify issues around health that they believed would help students deal with sexuality. Absent from the discussions were parents and other interested partners within the region. Although Peel Region and Peel District School Board boast of the inclusiveness in the region’s education thrust, they neglected to invite community leaders and people of faith to help carve out a balanced program that would support all students.

Today, there is an outcry from large sectors of the communities that make up the Region of Peel who feel that a topic as sensitive as sexuality should be taught by teachers who in the first instance are improperly trained to deal with the subject.

Many parents believe that sexuality and all its implications is the concern of parents, religious leaders and medical practitioners. The Region of Peel and the Peel District School Board are cleverly labeling their program as “The Healthy Sexuality Program”, which on its face had a good ring to it. When you look as the details of the curriculum one is left to wonder what is healthy about many of the detailed demonstrations that students will be exposed to, well before they may be ready for such information. But beyond that, there is an underlying agenda that is held back; the real reason for revamping a previous innocuous program.

As times goes on, what the Region and its supporters of this program wish to implement will be uncovered and it will be at that time that parents and students will understand what is really behind the authors of the new curriculum.

It is not too late for parents and people of faith to weigh in and let their concerns about the dangers of the new curriculum be known. Curricula can be pulled back if found to be detrimental to children’s well-being and against the wishes of tax payers. To act later and not now is to allow the values we hold for many decades become eroded by the insidious activism of those who seek to subvert the minds and hence lives of our children.

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