There are several studies that show more and more children diagnosed with ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) with a greater number of those children being boys. In the United States, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that children as young as 4 years old and as old as 17 years old have been diagnosed as having ADHD.
Although a definitive reason for the increase in the number of children with ADHD is not fully known, it is believed that greater public awareness may be one of several explanations.
The behaviour of a child with ADHD can easily be mistaken for willful disobedience. In reality, it is not. The behaviour is beyond the child’s ability to control or to prevent it. The things that may point to ADHD are impulsivity, fidgetiness, an inability to focus for long periods of time, blurts of answers or speaks out of turn, inability to keep still, and moving from one thing to the next even though the previous thing is incomplete.
What is usually happening within the child with signs of ADHD are usually cries for help. But, the presence of this disorder or behaviour seems to prevent any rational way to explain what is happening. It is a situation where a person is going trough and experience, knows that it is happening, but unable to say to anyone that it is happening. So, the child behaves in what is to many as “inappropriate” and not knowing what is happening in the core of the child, a parent, teacher, authority, friends, or siblings, can easily make the matter worse by the way the behaviour is addressed.
A child with ADHD will not sit still simply by someone saying to do so. The fact is, the child simply cannot sit still on his/her own. A child with ADHD wants to do well; wants to behave; wants to obey; wants to comply; but just cannot on his/her own. To understand that is to begin to understand how our approach to such children must change in order that they too can have the a better chance to lives filled with meaning where ever they are; especially at school, for they too can learn.
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