Most of us know someone, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or yourself who wants to lose weight and perhaps has tried for quite some time without any measure of success. In some instances, while attempting to lose weight, it appeared that weight was instead gained. That caused frustration which led to discouragement and unwillingness to continue trying. Does that sound familiar?
Like you, I have been on the treadmill of weight loss from time to time. I have actually lost much weight at one time. I lost so much weight that I did not like the way I looked and my clothes were falling off me. At the same time, I was not enjoying the food I ate. As a matter of fact, I referred to my food as rabbit food. Rabbit food! What a thought! I am certainly not a rabbit and yet my food was tantamount to that of what rabbits would eat.

Being the person that I am, I am often looking for better ways to arrive at my personal goals and targets. So, I joined the community gym and began to work-out on a regular basis until, I could not owing to some medical issues that I had. Weight lifting and distance running were out of my exercise regimen. Then the question became, what can I do to lose weight that did not involve strenuous exercises, but still did the job? That was when I learned about Total Life Change ( and its leading product, Iaso Tea. I learned about the incredible health and weight loss benefits of Iaso Tea.

When I understood that all it would take was 2 cups a day for five days and that I could lose as many as 5 pounds and when I read testimonials and saw the actual results of Iaso Tea drinkers, I was sold. After all, I drink coffee and teas on a regular basis and switching to Iaso Tea would not change my beverage pattern particularly in terms of cost, except that the benefits were tremendous. I saw the advantage of having a tea that could detoxify my body, removing the excessive intestinal build up, and providing daily cleansing such that my body can do the work it was intended to do. I WAS SOLD!

If you are like me, have the desire to lose weight but continue to struggle to do so, this can be the find of your life. TLC is all about change – it is a motivating force that will make weight loss among other things possible for you right away. If you are ready for a healthy body and a change in your life, this is the change that you can make. You can enjoy peace of mind and avoid the stress of painful exercises.

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