Treat Them Better

The frustration continues to build as the challenge to deal with the difficulties posed by students who suffer from ADD and ADHD continue to form a larger part of classroom populations. Getting rid of these students, or passing them on to other schools or institutions seem to be a ready solution for many. Such actions are arguably unfair, but, more disheartening is
harm done to the affected students.
Anyone who deals with these children (students) must receive adequate training, be exposed to up to date research, and be willing to work with these special needs students. More specifically, they should not be thrown into regular classroom in which their needs are often not met.
The test question still remains: “If that were my child, would I have treated him/her the way I treat other people’s children?”
If we value honesty, we must provide better education for students who battle every day with situations that are not of their making or choosing — ADD and ADHD.