Don’t Get Left Out or Left Behind.

There are many people suffering from FOMO and are you one of them?

Yes, what is FOMO? you ask. I’m glad you did. Let me explain. The push is on to find ways to manage the funds you have and acquire new methods of cash that flows your way automatically. It is not outrageous to say that we know one or more people, some closely related to us by blood or friendship that struggle to make ends meet; many barely making ends meet.

Well, here’s the deal! If you desire to be someone who lives a life without struggling to make ends meet, I may have an idea that you may want to know and experience. This could the the thing that makes your “Fear Of Missing Out” — FOMO a thing of the past.

So, hurry! Get in touch with me and I will share the idea with you. It does not require anything of you but a few minutes of your time and I can assure you that you will be rid of the fear of missing out.

Imagine how many people will miss out just because they failed to take a look at something that could very well be the thing that could bring the relief they have sought for quite some time. Don’t let this moment pass. Take action and let’s meet.

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I Will Be A Strong Voice for You and Your Children



More than ever, it is important that you elect a trustee that knows the role.

As an experienced principal, teacher and community leader, I have much to bring to the position of trustee. I’m accessible, results driven, equitable in my approach to problem solving and a dedicated advocate of this great community.

Voting Day is October 22.

Advance polling has begun and continues on October 6, 9-=11, and 13.


Sep 6



A Student’s Testimonial of Albert Evans

Hello Sir:

I hope all is going well with you and your family during this holiday season. I’m not sure if you will remember me. I was a student in your class in Nahani Way during the first two years it opened. We had our grade six class on the stage that year. It was such a great year. The memories are vivid in my mind.

You were inspirational, passionate and so caring toward the class. You would tell us stories about St. Kitts and taught us how to play cricket. It was such a great time. I actually just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us during those two years. Specifically, I want to say thanks because during that year my father had lost his job and my mother was caring for us (6 kids). There was a school trip coming up and all the students paid but my parents had no money to give me. I remember crying that night, thinking I wasn’t going.

I came to school the next day and you asked me for the trip money and I told you my parents had no money. You took the trip money from your own wallet and gave it to me to hand it in like all the other students. Every time I think of it I cry.

I have three daughters now and every time they have a trip and I send them to school I think of you and how proud I felt that day to have something to give in so I could go on that trip. You were AWESOME!!! I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much.

Mr. Evans you gave me faith in humanity and hope in my life. It may have been five dollars but it meant so much more to me. It meant I could be included just like everyone else that day and that’s why it’s so important to me. You were truly the best and most genuine teacher. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!


Make Your Mark

Citizens in Ward 9 & 10 in Brampton, Ontario will head to polling stations on October 22nd. to make their mark for mayor, regional councillor, city councillor, and trustee. Before October 22nd, dates are set aside for early or advance voting — October 2; 4,6, 9-11, and 13.
Be sure to carry out your duty and vote, yes, make your mark. Make your mark for your children, yourself, your neighbours, and indeed the city. It is necessary that your participate and be a part in the decision as to who will carry out the duties that make a city operate effectively, efficiently, and with the highest degree of integrity. You must also make your mark for the people that you are convinced know the job for which they aspire and have the experience to prove it.




My desire to represent you as a trustee for Peel District School Board stems from my knowledge of education; a teacher, vice principal, and principal with the board from 1986 to 2013. I understand what is required to be an effective trustee who can represent the needs of Ward 9 & 10.

Your mark should not be made lightly. It should be made with the future in mind. Much is at stake for the next four years with respect to the kind of education your children receive and the quality of educators that are charged with that awesome responsibility.
I am very proud of the successes I’ve had with the board and the added value I brought to the lives of students, teachers, and parents alike. I wish to lend my expertise to the work of the trustees that will guide the needs of the citizens within these two wards and I personally ask for your support.
On October 22, and if you can do so before that on the advance voting dates, make your mark to send me to Peel District School Board as your trustee.
God bless you and the city of Brampton.


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Every Child Needs to Learn Computer Coding

Recently I heard a statement from Tim Cook, Apple’s leader which captured my attention. He said that the core jobs of the future will be computer based and involve computer coding.

Now, what does that say about the path that should be taken in current and future school curricula?

Every child, beginning from Kindergarten, should be immersed in computer coding along with other computer technologies.

Before we begin, it is important to demonstrate to students the definitions of technology and science. I have found over the course of my active educational experience that many teachers could not define the term “science” and that showed in the inability of students to define the term. What was more telling was that many students (even in Grade 12) could not adequately define the term “technology” and did not know the difference between science and technology. Yet, students had many classes in science and technology, notwithstanding.

So, major attention should be given to understanding definition of terms which in turn will facilitate the learning.

There will be no good future without the knowledge of computer coding. It cannot be optional for students. It must be mandatory. There is everything to gain by moving forward with this technology. So, let’s get on with it.

By the way, share this information with the educators in your families, your school councils, communities, school boards.

In fact, share this information with everyone, especially with your children. They will bless you that you did.

A Time of Excitement

The day is finally arriving for the launch of my book which many who have pre-ordered copies have found to be a book for our current time and for the youths and budding entrepreneurs that plan to take their places in the world of business.

This book is a success blueprint.It shows how the power of the mind can change bad situations into wonderful outcomes. The power to change and become what you are destined to be is explored and shown in a way that is understood by ordinary people. To read this book and do the things contained in it is to discover a path to wealth creation and freedom.

I will join with success greats as Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and Raymond Aaron. The event is dubbed: Mastery of Greatness. The information for the event is as follows:

Friday, April 13 – Sunday, Apr 15, 2018


Fri, Apr 13, 2018, 8:30 AM –

Sun, Apr 15, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT

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Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Toronto Airport

6257 Airport Road

Mississauga, ON L4V 1E4

alevans07rev (6)

Comments about this book suggest that this book should be in the hands of middle and high school students. It is my goal to have as many teenagers and young adults read this success blue print.

So, get your copy and get one for anther person who would surely benefit from the information contained in it.

I look forward to seeming you there.

Book signing with be held at various times throughout the three day event.

Until then,